Sunday, 15 January 2012

Managing Startup Items in Windows OS

Windows options can be more easily modified in its XP version, than in any other.
First let me introduce the start up option. Whenever u boot a system it loads some of the programs other than system files in the background. Those are called start up items. These are really important because, once a virus enters into the system,to affect the system it loads itself into the start up. Since the start up items also includes many system files, u shud b very careful in deleting or modifying a start up entry.

Accessing Startup Items-

There are many ways to access the start up entries.
1. start-> run -> msconfig (Only in XP)

In the last tab u'll find the startup tab. Inside that it has Startup item, Command and Location.
2. By regedit also u can edit the items, but its not the safer way to do it. Since registry is the core of the OS, if u disturb it any way, It fails to work properly.

Many software are available in the net, which can help in modifying a startup entry. I'll list some of those.

3. Tuneup utilities and many more.
Using a sub tool inside the Tune up namely, Start up manager u can easily do modifications. 

4. From ur start up folder also u can access these entries.
root\Documents and settings\(User name)\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\
Inside this folder there will be some start up entries. U can even delete this, if u re sure that u don't need it. 

msconfig Screenshot

Modifying a Start Up Entry- 

With the msconfig tool u can't actually modify an entry. U can only enable it to load or disable. But with tuneup utils u can add an entry and even modify it. When ur system is affected with virus such as newfolder.exe,regsvr.exe and svchost.exe. U can easily evade them by tuning ur start up. 

Removing Unwanted Entries-

In order to remove the un wanted entries, u shud first know which is unwanted. 
for instance I'll list some of the unwanted entries
reader_sl.exe ----> Acrobat reader 
NMBgmonitor, Nerocheck ----> Nero
Adobe gamma loader -----> Adobe

As i said already, System files also find a place in the start up entries. So be careful in modifying these. 


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