Saturday, 14 January 2012

Simple cmd.exe tricks for starters


Basically these are just some simple cmd.exe commands that normal people don't know about. Actually most people don't even know what cmd.exe and as soon as you open it their like 'oh shit you must be a hacker'. God damn sterotypes.

The code-

The first code is to see all the users on the computer,
The second will change the password of any user (including the admin) note: unless using a network command line interface eg. Powershell it will only change the individual computers admins password which is still pretty useful,
The next adds a new using to the computer,
You guessed it, this one deletes a user,
and this one adds a user to a localgroup.

Codes are below-

net user
net user (username) *  [note: just start typing the new password you wont, no writing will come up though just     hit enter when you are done]
net user (username) /add
net user (username) /del
net localgroup (localgroup eg. administrators) (username) /

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  1. Hai, is there anyway to use cmd to make your user get the same credentials as Admin? Oh, also I have windows xp home ed.

  2. yes there are some of them by which one can get such credentials... :)

  3. 1) from your desktop, right click on My Computer
    2) select Manage
    3) On the computer management screen, press the plus sign in front of users and groups
    4) click on users and your user(s) will appear on the right side of the window
    5) right click on one user and select properties
    6) click the member of tab
    7) press the add button and select advanced button
    8) press the Find Now button and double click on administrators in the list below
    9) press ok until u r back to your desktop

    NOTE: your user(s) are now administrators