Saturday, 14 January 2012

Download Picasa Web Albums Without Installing Picasa

Here are the steps guys to download all the photos from the picasa's web album without installing Picasa on your system or laptop etc.....

Step 1-
Firstly, you need "Mozilla Firefox Browser"  version 5.0 or other.

Step 2-
Now go to the Google search engine and type "Downloadthemall addons" and download it or directly go to this link to download this addons for Mozilla Firefox -

Step 3-
Open the web album of  Picasa which is being shared with you by your friend or anyone in Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Step 4-
After opening your web album URL page in Mozilla Firefox, you can see top right side after the name of the album there will be a option of  "RSS Feed",left click it and wait for the RSS feed page to get open.

Step 5-
When the page is displayed add this after the URL in address bar- &imgdl=1 and then reload the page.

Step 6-
Now when the same page comes after reloading and after writing the &imgdl=1 at the last of the URL, right click anywhere on that webpage and you can see new option will come as "DownloadThemAll" just select that option and download all your normal or high resolution album photos at one click.... :)

               Here is the screenshot of  DownloadThemAll addons

If you have any queries then do post it on my blog....!!!!


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