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5 Cool Email Address You'll Love To Mail

"I don't have access to internet in office, how will I read my best friend's blog?", "I want to covert a MS-Word file to PDF, the systems guy won't let me install a PDF printer", "How do I upload my office party pics on the intranet gallery to Flickr from office?", do these statements sound similar? Many of us work in MNCs which provide us limited/restricted or no internet access at all, except for the company email id.

Say thanks to the new age web to email services, you can do a hell lot of things, like browsing an website via email, converting a MS-Word file, or a MS-Excel file via email, converting a PDF file to HTML via email, yes, you read it right everything via email. Sounds cool, doesn't it, but how you may ask.

Web 2 Email Services

Web to email services is a revolutionary idea, where a lot a work is done by sending an email with some specific commands/instructions in plain text to a specific email address.

The Interesting Ones


All you need to do is send any file of format among these types Word (doc, docx), Powerpoint (ppt, pptx),     Excel (xls, xlsx), Visio (vsd), MS Project (mpp), Jpeg, GIF, RTF, txt to the above email address as an attachment,   shortly you'll receive an email containing the PDF version of the file you sent. Cool! isn't it!


  Similar service which accepts a wav file and outputs a mp3 file.


Flickr provides you an unique email address, which you can get from here (, to which when you send your photographs as attachment, they'll appear in your Flickr gallery in a matter of minutes. The subject line of email becomes the photo's title while the body of the email becomes the photo's description.


Send and email to the above address with the URL you wish to browse in the subject line of the mail. Voila! you'll get an email containing the text version of the URL you just sent, this one's a breather for people whose offices block all websites, except the company webmail. When I tried the this service last the response time was quite high, I guess that's a temporary problem.


Want to know the dictionary meaning or synonyms of a word?? Send a blank email to the above address, just have a similar subject line, "define myword", without the quotes. You'll get what you want.

I hope that was some interesting piece of information, well it was for me at least. Do share your views/comments/experience about these new age services.

Here are a few more links for further browsing, enjoy! 

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