Sunday, 2 December 2012

Simple Code For Cleaning RAM

Hey friends if your PC is running slow, then it may be because of the extra process stored on your RAM which may no longer be required.
You can try this Simple Trick to clean up your RAM friends..!!!
Follow the Steps:

* Open Notepad.
* type > FreeMem=Space(24000000)
* save as > RAMCleaner.vbs

Now double click on this file and your RAM got cleaned..!!!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Increase Your uTorrent v3.4.2 Download Speed to 1 Mbps

Almost every one of us has used Torrent to download files. In some cases, depending upon various factors, the speed is high or low. Generally, more seeders increase the download speed. However, even if there are hundreds of seeders the speed seems too low. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to increase the speed to download files with lightning blaze.

Follow the below systematic instruction precisely:

1. Open your uTorrent 3.1.3 and click on the option located at top left corner.
2. From the options, choose Preference. It is the first from the drop down list.
3. After you have chosen preference, a window will open.
4. On the left side, there are various settings. Choose connections. In the section ‘Port used for Incoming connection’ change the number to ‘45682’.
5. Next, choose Bandwidth, which is below connection. Here we have to change almost everything. First, change the maximum upload rate to one. Change the maximum download rate to zero. Then finally, at the bottom; change global maximum number of connections to 130, Maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 130 and number of uploads per torrent to three.
6. Below bandwidth, you will find Bittorrent. Click on it, change protocol-outgoing encryption as enabled, and check ‘Allow incoming legacy connections.
7. Click on Queuing. Do the following changes: maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) to 60 and maximum number of active download to 63. Coming to Seeding Goals (default values); change minimum ratio% to 150, minimum seeding time zero and minimum number of available seeds as zero.
8. Finally click on ‘Advanced’. Do the following changes: change the value of bt.allow_same_ip to true. To change the value bt.allow_same_ip, click on it and then choose from below. Scroll further below and find net.outgoing_port. Click on it and change the value to 80. Here it is crucial that you press ‘set’ after changing the value or the change won’t take effect. Scroll further below, find rss.update_interval, and change the value to zero. Again, do not forget to press set.
We are done with uTorrent settings. To give the last touch we need Greedy Torrent. This is an application, which will provide false information that you have uploaded 5 MB for every 1MB. Just download the application and change ‘Report my Upload as’ to 5.90. That is it. We are ready to go now. Close Greedy Torrent (it will run in the background) and start downloading your uTorrent file with high speed that before.


Friday, 28 September 2012

List of Run Commands for Windows 7

 Shortcut Key- Windows Logo Key + R

Administrative Tools-

Administrative Tools = control admintools
Authorization Manager = azman.msc
Component Services = dcomcnfg
Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc
Direct X Troubleshooter = dxdiag
Display Languages = lpksetup
ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32
File Signature Verification Tool = sigverif
Group Policy Editor = gpedit.msc
Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl
iSCSI Initiator = iscsicpl
Iexpress Wizard = iexpress
Local Security Settings = secpol.msc
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool = msdt
Microsoft Management Console = mmc
Print management = printmanagement.msc
Printer User Interface = printui
Problems Steps Recorder = psr
People Near Me = p2phost
Registry Editor = regedit or regedt32
Resoure Monitor = resmon
System Configuration Utility = msconfig
Resultant Set of Policy = rsop.msc
SQL Server Client Configuration = cliconfg
Task Manager = taskmgr
Trusted Platform Module = tpm.msc
TPM Security Hardware = TpmInit
Windows Remote Assistance = msra
Windows Share Folder Creation Wizard = shrpubw
Windows Standalong Update Manager = wusa
Windows System Security Tool = syskey
Windows Script Host Settings = wscript
Windows Version = winver
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security = wf.msc
Windows Memory Diagnostic = MdSched
Windows Malicious Removal Tool = mrt

Computer Management-

Computer Management = compmgmt.msc or CompMgmtLauncher
Task Scheduler = control schedtasks
Event Viewer = eventvwr.msc
Shared Folders/MMC = fsmgmt.msc
Local Users and Groups = lusrmgr.msc
Performance Monitor = perfmon.msc
Device Manager = devmgmt.msc
Disk Management = diskmgmt.msc
Services = services.msc
Windows Management Infrastructure = wmimgmt.msc

Control Panel-

Control Panel = control
Action Center= wscui.cpl
Autoplay = control.exe /name Microsoft.autoplay
Backup and Restore = sdclt
Create a System Repair disc = recdisc
BDE Administrator = bdeadmin.cpl
Color Management = colorcpl
Credential Manager = control.exe /name Microsoft.CredentialManager
Credential Manager Stored User Names and Passwords = credwiz
Date and Time Properties = timedate.cpl
Default Programs = control.exe /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms
Set Program Access and Computer Defaults = control appwiz.cpl,,3 or ComputerDefaults
Devices and Printers = control printers
Devices and Printers Add a Device = DevicePairingWizard
Display = dpiscaling
Screen Resolution = desk.cpl
Display Color Calibration = dccw
Cleartype Text Tuner = cttune
Folders Options = control folders
Fonts = control fonts
Getting Started = GettingStarted
HomeGroup = control.exe /name Microsoft.HomeGroup
Indexing Options = control.exe /name Microsoft.IndexingOptions
Internet Properties = inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard = control keyboard
Location and Other Sensors = control.exe /name Microsoft.LocationandOtherSensors
Location Notifications = LocationNotifications
Mouse = control mouse or main.cpl
Network and Sharing Center = control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkandSharingCenter
Network Connections = control netconnections or ncpa.cpl
Notification Area Icons = control.exe /name Microsoft.NotificationAreaIcons
Parental Controls = control.exe /name Microsoft.ParentalControls
Performance Information = control.exe /name Microsoft.PerformanceInformationandTools
Personalization = control desktop
Windows Color and Appearance = control color
Phone and Modem Options = telephon.cpl
Power Configuration = powercfg.cpl
Programs and Features = appwiz.cpl or control appwiz.cpl
Optional Features Manager = optionalfeatures or control appwiz.cpl,,2
Recovery = control.exe /name Microsoft.Recovery
Regional and Language = intl.cpl
RemoteApp = control.exe /name Microsoft.RemoteAppandDesktopConnections
Sound = mmsys.cpl
Volume Mixer = sndvol
System Properties = sysdm.cpl or Windows logo key + Pause/Break
SP ComputerName Tab = SystemPropertiesComputerName
SP Hardware Tab = SystemPropertiesHardware
SP Advanced Tab = SystemPropertiesAdvanced
SP Performance = SystemPropertiesPerformance
SP Data Execution Prevention = SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention
SP Protection Tab = SystemPropertiesProtection
SP Remote Tab = SystemPropertiesRemote
Windows Activation = slui
Windows Activation Phone Numbers = slui 4
Taskbar and Start Menu = control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu
Troubleshooting = control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting
User Accounts = control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccounts
User Account Control Settings = UserAccountControlSettings
User Accounts Windows 2000/domain version = netplwiz or control userpasswords2
Encryption File System = rekeywiz
Windows Anytime Upgrade = WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui
Windows Anytime Upgrade Results = WindowsAnytimeUpgradeResults
Windows CardSpace = control.exe /name Microsoft.cardspace
Windows Firewall = firewall.cpl
WindowsSideshow = control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsSideshow
Windows Update App Manager = wuapp


Calculator = calc
Command Prompt = cmd
Connect to a Network Projector = NetProj
Presentation Settings = PresentationSettings
Connect to a Projector = displayswitch or Windows logo key + P
Notepad = notepad
Microsoft Paint = mspaint.exe
Remote Desktop Connection = mstsc
Run = Windows logo key + R
Snipping Tool = snippingtool
Sound Recorder = soundrecorder
Sticky Note = StikyNot
Sync Center = mobsync
Windows Mobility Center (Only on Laptops) = mblctr or Windows logo key + X
Windows Explorer = explorer or Windows logo key + E
Wordpad = write
Ease of Access Center = utilman or Windows logo key + U
Magnifier = magnify
Narrator = Narrator
On Screen Keyboard = osk
Private Character Editor = eudcedit
Character Map = charmap
Ditilizer Calibration Tool = tabcal
Disk Cleanup Utility = cleanmgr
Defragment User Interface = dfrgui
Internet Explorer = iexplore
Rating System = ticrf
Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) = iexplore -extoff
Internet Explorer (No Home) = iexplore about:blank
Phone Dialer = dialer
Printer Migration = PrintBrmUi
System Information = msinfo32
System Restore = rstrui
Windows Easy Transfer = migwiz
Windows Media Player = wmplayer
Windows Media Player DVD Player = dvdplay
Windows Fax and Scan Cover Page Editor = fxscover
Windows Fax and Scan = wfs
Windows Image Acquisition = wiaacmgr
Windows PowerShell ISE = powershell_ise
Windows PowerShell = powershell
XPS Viewer = xpsrchvw

Open Documents folder = documents
Open Pictures folder = pictures
Open Music folder = music
Open Videos folder = videos
Open Downloads folder = downloads
Open Favorites folder = favorites
Open Recent folder = recent
Logs out of Windows = logoff
Locks User Account = Windows logo Key + L 


Monday, 24 September 2012

Complete Hacking Information


We see a millions of people going to different forums and websites and asking "how do i hack an email?", "Can you hack blah for me?". So thought to create a tutorial which will give you the basic idea about what the heck is a "HACK", and how to DEFEND YOUR SELF AGAINST HACKERS. 


Hacking started way too far when the windowsd 98 was designed. Hacking is basically finding out the loop holes and trying leak some information out of it, which may lead you to get some critical information like passwords, credit card details. Sometimes hacking is done just because of the personal offesnses.


Getting back to the main point, I am going to discuss some of the ways of hacking in brief. Hacking is basically bifurcated in 2 major parts.

1. Email or the user information
2. Web based hacking.

Email or user information:

These days the most commonly used and famous way of hacking user information like Emails, Passwords, Credit card details are as follow:

a. Phishing
b. Brute Forcing
c. Keylogging
d. Trojans

a. Phishing:

Phishing is basically a massive attack. What a hacker does is, they created an absoulutely look alike page of some website like yahoo or gmail. They upload it to their own server. And give the link to any n00b user. When they open it, they think that they are on the yahoo or gmail page, they put in their username and password, click on submit and WHOA! your information has been submitted. This is widely used by new people trying to entering into ahcking world.
Most recent example in india was some scam with ICICI bank, lots of user info was stolen as far as i remember. I read it somewhere in the news paper and was thinking what the hell! ?

Disadvantages: Still many people give it a try before going for phishing, because the only problem in phishing is, even if the victim knows a little about internet, he will read the URL and understand that it is not a genuine website.
b. Brute Forcing
Brute forcer is basically a program which could be called as a "cracker". In brute forcer you put the username you want to hack, and as a password you put a notepad file which has almost all of the existing english words in it. So what it does is, it will try each and every word from that file and see if anything matches. You might have noticed some topics like "huge pass list" on different forums, they are nothing but the password list to put into your bruteforcer.!

1. Sometimes brute forcing may just go for ages!
2. It isnt guaranteed
3. These days many people have alpha-numeric-symbol password which is real tough for brutefocer to detect
4. Most of the famous sites like yahoo, gmail are designed in such a way that it will put the "image captcha" after 3 incorrect login attempts, which stops the bruteforcer.

P.S:- I have made some focused FTP, Gmail & Yahoo bruteforcers which are avilable on my website.
c. Keylogging
Keylogger helps you to create a little filed which is known as "server". You gotta send your server to the victim. he has to click on it and then YOUR DONE! this is what happens.
Best possible way to hack someone. Keyloggers are basically a program which will install themselves in your victim's computer and will keep on recording each and every keystroke pressed by the victim on his keyboard and it will send it to the hacker. There are many ways to receive the keystroke i.e. FTP, Email, Messengers. According to me this is the best way to trick your victim and get their information.

Disadvantages :
1. When victim receives the keylogger, in most of the cases, their anti virus would auto delete them. So you have to convince them to desable the anti virus by bluffing something.
2. Sometimes firewall blocks the keylogs from being sent.

Tips :
1. There are some programs which are known as "crypters" which will help you to make your server's undetectable. So your victim's anti-virus would not be able to detect them.
d. Trojans:
Trojans are like father of keyloggers. Trojan sends you the keylogs just as keyloggers, on top of that, it lets you take the control of victim's computer. Edit / delete/ upload / download files from or to their computer. Some more funny features like it will make their keyboard go mad, it may kep on ejecting and re-inserting the cd ROM. Much more..

Disadvantages :
Same as keyloggers.

Tips :
Same as keylogger.

Web Hacking:

I will discuss some most commonly used web hacking techniques which helps hackers to hack any website. This will help you to SAVE YOUR SITE!

1. SQL Injection
2. XSS
3. Shells
4. RFI
5. There are some more but they are TOOO big to be discussed in here.

1. SQL Injection:

Most of the websites these days are connected to an SQL Database. Which helps them to store usernames and passwords [encrypted] when a guest registers to their website. SQL database processes a querie everytime a user logs in. It goes to the database, validates the password, if its correct then it logs in the user and if its not then it gives an error.
So the basic funda is executing a command to parase a query in the database to try to exploit the internet information of the database. I cant really put the entire tutorial about because this is the most complicated way to hack the website!

P.S.:- If you wanna check if YOUR website is vulnerable to RFI attach or not then do the following .

If your site's URL is:

           just add a ' like this at the end 
2. XSS:
XSS is another nice way to hack some website. Suppose if some website/ forum is allowing HTML in the post or articles, then a hacker can post a malicious script into the content. So whenever a user opens up the page, the cookies would be sent to the hacker. So he can login as that user and shit the website up. 
3. Shells:
Shell is a malicious .php script. What you have to do is, find a place in any website where you can upload any file like avatars, recepie, your tricks, your feedbacks. And you try to upload your shell files from there. And if its uploaded then WHOA!you open it from the URL bar and u can see the entire "FTP" account of that webhosting. You can rename/edit / upload/download anything u want including the index page.
This is also known as deface.
4. RFI:
RFI is a good way to deface a website. It is used with shell. Suppose you have uploaded your shell on:

           and you found a vulnerable site to RFI... then you can do as follow: 
          This will again give u the access of your victim's sites FTP , just as shell so you can do anything you want.

P.S.:-If you wanna check if YOUR website is vulnerable to RFI attack or not then do the following:

If your site's URL is:

          just add something like this at the end  
         And if it includes the google page into your page, that means its vulnerable to RFI. 


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Best Command Prompt Tricks & Hacks for Windows

15 Command Prompt Tricks & Hacks-

Save A List of Files to a Text File by Extension

dir *.ext /s /b > files.txt
This command line will create a file called files.txt. When you open this file, there will be a complete list of all the files in that directory and all subdirectories with the .extextension. You can then open up this text file in any text editor and work this the information.By changing the ext part, you can select different files. For example, if you wanted to list all of the PDF documents, you would type:
dir *.pdf /s /b > files.txt

Get Your IP Address Information

ipconfig /all
This will retrieve a pile of information about your network connection and IP information. From this command, you can get:
  • Host Name
  • Primary DNS Suffix
  • Node Type
  • IP Routing Enabled
  • WINS Proxy Enabled
  • DNS Suffix Search List
  • Connection-specific DNS Suffix
  • Network Adapter Description
  • Physical (MAC) Address
  • DHCP Enabled
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • DNS Servers

Get Installed Driver Information

It can be very useful when troubleshooting to know what drivers are installed on a system. This command will give you a complete listing of the drivers and when they were installed.

Copy Files Via Infrared Port

irftp filename.ext
This will fire up the Wireless Link dialog so that you can copy the specified file via an infrared port.

Find Files Opened By Network Users

openfiles /query
If you are running a system and you want to know who has files open on your computer, this command will provide you a list of those users and the files that they have open.
Note: If you get an error saying The system global flag ‘maintain objects list’ needs to be enabled to see local opened files, you can fix this issue by typing openfiles /local on. You will have to reboot the system but it will resolve the issue.

Monitor Port Activity

netstat -a 30
This will show you all of the TCP/IP ports that are being used on your system and what they are connecting to (or being connected from). It will continue to monitor these ports and refresh the information every 30 seconds. You can change the refresh rate by changing the number at the end of the command.

Recover Information From A Corrupt File

recover filename.ext
If you have a disk with damaged sectors, you can attempt to recover as much information as possible from the damaged file. Data that is not damaged can be retrieved but data in damaged sectors will be lost.

Defragment Remote Computer

rexec remotePC defrag C: /F 
This command used the rexec command to force a defragment of the C: drive on the computer named remotePC. You can use whatever you want to for the command (I just used defrag C: /F as an example). This is very useful for remote maintenance.

Retrieve Detailed System Information

With this command, you can retrieve the following information:
  • Host Name
  • OS Name
  • OS Version
  • OS Manufacturer
  • OS Configuration
  • OS Build Type
  • Registered Owner
  • Registered Organization
  • Product ID
  • Original Install Date
  • System Up Time
  • System Manufacturer
  • System Model
  • System type
  • Processor(s)
  • BIOS Version
  • Windows Directory
  • System Directory
  • Boot Device
  • System Locale
  • Input Locale
  • Time Zone
  • Total Physical Memory
  • Available Physical Memory
  • Virtual Memory Max Size
  • Virtual Memory Available
  • Virtual Memory In Use
  • Page File Location(s)
  • Domain
  • Logon Server
  • Hotfix(s)
  • NetWork Card(s)

Automatically Defragment C: Daily

schtasks /create /tn "Defrag C" /tr "defrag c: /f" /sc daily /st 23:00:00 /ru "System" 
This will set your computer to automatically perform a complete defrag of the C: drive each day at 11:00:00 PM (23:00:00). It does this by creating a scheduled task calledDefrag C. It will run this command under the computer’s system account.

Map A Drive Letter to a Folder

subst W: C:\windows
Sometimes, your directory structure can get pretty deep and complicated. You can simplify this a bit by mapping a drive letter to commonly used folders. In the example that I have given, this will create a drive letter W: and map it to the C:\windows directory. Then, whenever you go into My Computer, you will see a W: drive and when you browse to it, it will automatically take you to the contents of the C:\windows folder.
You can do this with any unused drive letter and any folder that exists on your system.

List All Tasks Running On The Computer

It’s always good to know what is running on your system. This is the command line version of the processes tab in Taks Manager.

Kill A Program

taskkill /im programname.exe /f 
If, when using the tasklist command, you discover that there is something running you just want killed. This is the way to do it! Just note the program name and use it in place of programname.exe.

Reboot a Remote Computer

shutdown -r -f -m \\remotePC -c "System will be rebooted in 20 seconds"
Sometimes, you just need to reboot a system. This will do it remotely and give the user a 20 second warning.


Monday, 28 May 2012

The Best And Must Have Windows OS Software's

avast! Free Antivirus
Expect great all-around protection against viruses and trojans.

AntiVir Free Version
Lightweight and solid. Good ratings. Worth looking into.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition
Not as good as Avast or Avira but with considerably less bloat. The most popular free antivirus.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Simple, effective and lightweight protection suite.

Comodo Internet Security
Free security suite, includes both a firewall and anti-virus protection.

Spybot S&D
Detects and removes spyware. Compliments anti-virus apps. Has a very good reputation.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
Easy-to-use, simple, and very effective anti-malware application.

IObit Malware Fighter
Advanced malware & spyware removal utility.

Spyware removal tool with real-time antispyware protection. Lightweight and memory sparing.

Lightweight scanner to detect and remove spyware, adware, trojans, and other threats.

PC Tools Firewall Plus 6
Powerful firewall capable of providing excellent protection.

Comodo Firewall (standalone)
Long been considered one of the best free firewall tools available.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall
Provides the best overall firewall protection for advanced users.

Online Armor Free
All of the normal features of a firewall and more.

Ashampoo FireWall Free
Very easy to use and navigate. For intermediate users.

Auslogics Disk Defrag
Simple, reliable and quite fast. A must-have free PC tool. Considered no.1 by many.

Another excellent defrag tool. Portable. From the same guys behind hugely popular CCleaner.

IObit Smart Defrag
Extremely easy to use. Works continuously in the background.

Very effective in restoring deleted files. Extremely popular.

No frills, just focused on the zen of file recovery.

ADRC Data Recovery Software
The Renaissance Man of free data recovery. Not as popular as Recuva but still has its own fans.

Revo Uninstaller Free
Fast and very effective at uninstalling just about anything. Popular choice for the purpose.

IObit Uninstaller
New kid on the block. Gaining popularity. Boasts a bunch of features not found on other uninstallers.

Absolute Uninstaller
Less popular than the other two but probably the simplest to use one.

Incredibly smart, highly secure, set-it-and-forget-it backup solution. Backups data to web.

Easily backup important files and documents, personal settings and plugins.

Todo Backup
Able to backup the entire operating system, program settings, browser data, emails and other data.

Live CD to completely clone your hard drive.

SyncBack Freeware
Selective synchronisation, local and remote backup to an FTP server.

Open source folder comparison and sync tool. Optimised for speed and usability.

CopyTo Synchronizer
Wide set of options for backing up, updating, and synchronizing files.

DriveImage XML
Easily Backup or copy entire disks block-for-block directly to another drive without the need to reboot your computer to run the cloning process.

Glary Utilities
Includes over 15 useful system maintenance tools. Been recommended by MakeUseOf several times!

Scores high points all around. The most popular choice at the moment. Not as many features as in others.

IObit Toolbox
The amount of system maintenance tools included in this free app is truly staggering.

Speed up Windows boot time by removing unnecessary apps from startup. Very effective.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free
One-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.

Google Chrome
The fastest, minimal design browser (from Google) now with extension support. Growing extremely fast.

More than 6,000 add-ons for every possible feature. The most customisable browser to date.

A web browser from Apple. Designed to emphasize browsing. Also features extensions.

The “fastest and most advanced” browser available today.

Increasingly popular email client from the same guys behind Firefox browser. One of the best email clients for Windows.

Postbox Express
A simple, yet powerful, new email application for Windows. Check it out.

Google Notifier
Alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. Simple and handy.

The most popular cross-platform VoIP application. Must-have for everyone online.

Easy-to-use, cross-platform, multi-protocol chat client. Supports all major chat programs.

An alternative multi-protocol instant messaging app. Cross-platform. Extremely popular.

Trillian Astra
Popular multi-protocol instant messaging client.

Strong candidate as a potential substitute for Photoshop for beginner/intermediate users.

FastStone Image Viewer
One of the best image viewer, converter & editor bundles.

The Swiss Army knife of image viewers/editors. Extremely popular.

Google Picasa
Powerful photo manager software from Google. Includes 1-click photo retouching features. Easy online photo sharing.

Very capable graphic editor with Photoshop-like features. Often labeled as free Photoshop alternative.

Another good free and easy-to-use photo editing application.

Advanced audio player for Windows with highly customisable user interface.

A popular music player based on Mozilla’s code. Includes some really useful plugins.

Very popular open source software for recording and editing audio tracks and sounds.

Music player and video library organiser. Hosts the iTunes Store.

Full-featured music player and music collection organiser.

Well-known, lightweight, small-footprint media player.

CopyTrans Manager
Alternative iPod manager app. Sync and transfer music & files to iPod, iPhone, iPad.

A multifunction program for organizing and managing your music collection.

VLC Media Player
Extremely popular cross-platform video player that can play almost any video file. Highly recommended by many.

Open source, cross-platform, video converter that can convert video files between many video formats.

Open-source and portable video editor.

Media Player Classic
Replica of WM Player. Includes only the most basic controls but can play pretty much any video.

Free video converter & DVD burner that’s easy to use.

Format Factory
Multifunctional audi and video converter. Supports MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, RMVB and lots more.

Highly customisable, popular, multi-format video player.

FileMenu Tools
Customise the right-click context menu of Windows Explorer. Adds lots of useful functions and utilities.

Free file browser and Windows Explorer replacement. Two-pane browsing, secure file deletion and more.

Copy and move files at maximum speed. Pause and resume file transfers.

EASEUS Partition Master
All-in-one, easy to use disk partition manager. Create, resize and merge partitions.

Can’t delete a folder or a file? Getting an error that it’s being used by another program? Unlocker can easily delete it.

TreeSize Free
Shows you where your precious hard drive space has gone to. Easily view how much space is being used by each folder.

Tiny tool to automate categorizing files and folders. Drag a file on top of it and it will place it for you where you need it. Portable version available.

Free Opener
An easy way to quickly open over 80 types of file types using one tiny program.

Free application that synchronizes files and folders between locations.

Microsoft Office alternative. Open source professional productivity and office suite.

Must-have for everyone. Sync folder with docs and files to web or other PCs / Macs. Share documents.

Popular open source text editor. Favoured by many, including programmers.

FoxIt Reader
Really light alternative to Adobe Reader. Open PDF files.

Easily convert documents and pictures to PDF files from any Windows program with two clicks.

PDF Xchange viewer
Desktop and portable PDF viewer. Lightweight and fast.

Nitro PDF Reader
Read PDFs, create PDFs. Extract content, annotate and fill PDF forms.

Another popular free alternative to Microsoft Office.

PDFTK Builder
Free graphical interface version of PDFTK. Merge, split, decrypt, encrypt, watermark PDF files.

VIM Text Editor
Highly configurable text editor.

Easily split and merge PDF files.

Provides rectangular containers for your desktop to visually organize your icons. Very handy!

Very easy to use and lightweight calendar for your Windows desktop.

Save your ideas on the go and instantly take notes. Access notes from anywhere. Highly recommended!

Gives you multiple virtual desktops to organize your workflow. Highly customisable.

A powerful keystroke based program launcher that lets you open program and files really quickly.

Send to Toys
Enhances the right-click ‘Send To’ system menu. Personalise and configure the Send To menu content.

Create virtual desktops to separate different running apps and Windows. Comparable to Spaces on Mac OS X.

Free multi-pane file manager to save you time. Portable version available.

Tiny, free clipboard history manager. Access up to 1024 items in your clipboard’s history.

Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard
Gain typing speed and accuracy with its unique touch-typing teaching program.

Easily add new entries to the right-click “Send To” menu.

Saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time.

Takes care of most of your archive extracting/compression needs. Supports ZIP, RAR and many others formats.

Universal Extractor
With over 50 supported file formats, Universal Extractor is superb.

One archive utility to rule them all. Supports almost all formats.

CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray burning tool. Also, lets you easily create image files from CDs and DVDs.

The most popular free alternative to Nero Burning ROM. Burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.

Back-up your DVDs as AVI files or MPEG to your hard drive. Excellent backup tool for DVDs.

Open-source digital audio CD extractor. Saves CD tracks as MP3′s.

DuBaron CD2ISO
A great tool to extract ISO images from CDs or DVDs. Very simple and easy to use.

Virtual CloneDrive
Mount a virtual drive to open and playback ISO image files (CD/DVD images).

The easiest and one of the better free DVD ripping and backup tools.

Exact Audio Copy
The most accurate and error-free audio CD extractor.
Can extract MP3s from a CD.

DVD Flick
Easy-to-use DVD creation software. Allows adding subtitles and making DVD menus as well.

Mount ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS/MDF, CCD, IMG images by simply clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

Speedy, efficient, and free. The most popular BitTorrent client.

An awesome but unappreciated cross-platform BitTorrent client.

YouTube Downloader HD
Downloads YouTube videos with just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Control/block your PC’s communication with ad or spyware servers. Secures P2P activities.

Free Download Manager
Open source download accelerator and manager. Increase download speeds and resume broken downloads.

The most popular download manager. Quickly and efficiently download files from sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload and many others.

Secure plugin to store and synchronise login passwords across browsers. Comes auto-login and form filler.

Free open-source, cross-platform disk and data encryption tool. Encrypt and hide sensitive files.

Request remote technical assistance. Connect to remote computer. Zero setup required.

PortableApps Suite
A collection of useful portable apps that can be stored on USB stick. Carry the apps with you wherever you go on a thumbdrive.

Sticky Password
Free password and identity manager. Browser add-on for automatic login and form-filling.

Free, open source, lightweight and easy-to-use password manager.

Suite of over 300 free useful software apps that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Hiren’s BootCD
All-in-one bootable CD providing an alternate boot environment to troubleshoot Windows problems.

Advanced security tool to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive.

Print multiple pages on each sheet of paper, delete unwanted pages. Lowers printing costs.

Protects your PC by blocking viruses and malware from infected USB thumbsticks and flash drives.

Everything search engine
Locates files and folders by name instantly.

Game Booster 3
Speeds up your PC for faster gaming.

DriverPack Solution 11
Makes the job of finding and automatically installing drivers really easy.