Thursday, 14 January 2016

Google Chrome's Hidden T-Rex Dinosaur Offline Game

Trouble connecting to the internet? Internet is not working or you're offline? If you're are a Google Chrome user then you must be familiar with the T-Rex dinosaur that shows up when your computer is not connected to the internet.

T-Rex had short arms so most of the things were out of its reach. The T-Rex represents Google Chrome's situation when it can't access the internet. The other interesting fact is that this offline dinosaur is also a game. When you're having trouble reaching to the internet, this game is the fun way to kill the time and lower your blood pressure. ;)

 How to play?

You can play either by turning your Wi-Fi off and loading a page in Chrome, or by setting  ‘network‘ to ‘offline‘ in Chrome developer tools > mobile.

The game can be also played in android mobile when using Chrome. The only difference is that instead of space bar, a user need to tap on the screen to make the dinosaur fly/jump.

Control Keys: Hit the space bar to start the game, and use either 'up' or 'space bar' key to jump over and the 'down' key to duck them.

Obstacles: Cactus, Pterodactyls.

Trivedia: By Amish Trivedi



  1. Hi Amish, a small addition to your nice post -
    For playing without going offline, there is a hacked version of the game too-
    Google chrome dinosaur game hacked

    1. Thank you Skipser for your comment and the info.