Sunday, 15 January 2012

Free Music,Video and Radio Channels Without Chance of Getting Caught

This tutorial explains a way to get free music without getting caught.
This tutorials method may take a longer time to get the free music than file sharing systems, but, there is no chance that you get caught because the process that is performed runs only on your computer, not another persons computer. There is only one way to get caught that I can think of, and that is if the feds come to your house and examine everything on your computer. But I highly doubt that (if you are good at erasing your tracks) the feds would come to any one persons house for no reason.

1) Download and install the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox.

Those links can be found as follows:
If you are using a Windows OS than you might want to use the Microsoft version.

2) Download and install Freecorder.

The link is
I install this on many of my friends' computer's and I have had problems in the past when actually downloading to a directory of the computer and installing from there. I have not found any problems when clicking the "run" button instead of downloading it, but, then again, I do not believe that Firefox has the "run" button like Internet Explorer does.

3) Edit the Freecorder toolbar to your preferences.

Usually you have to have a name brand audio software installed, but I have had no problems with that yet. To edit the preferences, open up the web browser you installed it into (it appears as a toolbar at the top), click settings. Once you have edited your preferences, you are all set to get your free music.

4) Find a site that offers free online streaming music.

I personally use, but some people like to use myspace music, youtube, and songs embedded into a myspace profile. offers free music that you can come back to if you want to. 

5) Get the songs.

Just hit the record button at the toolbar and play the song you want to have on your computer. The recorder doesnt start recording until it hears music from the stereo. The sound quality is CD-perfect. Just make sure that when the song has ended that you click the "X" button on the recorder because it will keep recording after the song has ended. The new track can be found in the prefered directory (default is My Documents>>My Recordings). If you do happen to leave it recording, just download Audacity with a mp3 encoder to edit the song to match your style (can be found at 

Freecorder 4 Screenshot

Trouble Shooting-
The only problem I have had in the past is that it doesnt record or it only records occasionally. You have two options here:
1)  Try reinstalling with a brand new download a few times, until it works.
2)  Your audio software provider does not support stereo recording. In this case, you have to get new driver  and software. Also in this case, you are better off using file sharing software.

This software uses a technique called "Streaming Record" or, more commonly known as, "Stereo Mixing". When stereo mixing, a special software (like Freecorder) takes all sound or "waves" that are going to the speakers of the system and puts them all to a file, then, makes the file a speaker type of format so that the speakers can play the file as sound. These formats include MP3 and WAV.

Protocol Hacking

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