Friday, 18 January 2013

Check Whether Your Anti Virus Program Is Really Working

Guys is your antivirus really working...???

You can also test your anti virus program for its effectiveness using a simple notepad trick.
Follow the steps below to know more: Open Notepad. Copy the code give below in the notepad

X 5 O ! P%@A P [ 4 P Z X 5 4 ( P ^ ) 7 C C ) 7 } $ E I C AR - S T AND AR D - AN T I V I R U S - T E S T - F I L E ! $ H + H *

Save the file with an .exe extension like testvirus.exe As soon as you save this file, your anti virus program will detect the file (virus) immediately and will attempt to delete it. If this happens then your Antivirus is working properly. If not, then its time to look for some other reliable program.


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